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List of Books

List of Books

  1. Beauty for Ashes I – Family of God
  2. Beauty for Ashes II – A Way Through the Wilderness
  3. Beauty for Ashes III – Journey of the Bride
  4. Beauty for Ashes IV – Chain Reaction to Realms of the Spirit
  5. Beauty for Ashes V – The Garden of God
  6. Crowned With Oil
  7. Evening and Morning
  8. Feed My Sheep
  9. From Tent to Temple
  10. The Feast of Tabernacles
  11. The Hyssop That Springeth Out of the Wall
  12. The Vision and the Appointment
  13. Seven Lamps of Fire
  14. Who are You?
  1. A Closer Look at the Rapture - out of print
  2. Eagle Saints Arise - out of print
  3. Hebrews-The Book of Better Things - AVAILABLE at  
  4. His Unlimited Glory -  out of print
  5. Jesus The Pattern Son - AVAILABLE at   At the top of the Home page, click on Products, then on Books or eBooks
  6. Light Out of Shadows - out of print
  7. Prophet on Wheels - out of print
  8. Reach for the Stars -  out of print  
  9. Sons of God AwakeAVAILABLE at
  10. To God be the Glory - out of print